Daily Llama 3.0

The all new Daily Llama — it’s more flashy, more semantic, and best of all, more purple!

While I have nothing against my own creation, Modern-Blue just wasn’t my style.  I had been looking into themes that developers could use — so I wouldn’t need to start from scratch — and I settled upon Sandbox.  It has so many CSS classes built in that I hardly had to modify the template at all!  I changed the page.php and single.php templates to link to themselves, footer.php to show the page generation stats (for example, “25 queries in 1.732 seconds”), and the comments.php template to upgrade to threaded comments. Continue reading

March End-of-the-Month Wrap Up

Today marks the end of March, and the start of April.  March had some amazing things happen in it this year, and here’s the post where I get to tell you about them.


WordPress 2.5 was released this month, and it has tons of updates, mostly on the admin pages.  It even made the slow blog I have (sometimes taking over a minute to load a single page) faster with the addition of the (already installed on my blog) WP Super Cache plugin.


Jagex fixed up summoning.  This might not be big news for you non-RuneScapers out there, but this is one of the best updates of the year.  Amongst the top features of this update are the ability to gain experience from combat done by your summoned familiars, a longer amount of time for familiars per summon, and 24 new summoning familiars.

Nightgunner5 got to use his whip for the first time (he bought it this month, too).  He trained his attack level from 65 to 70 in three days and beat up a level 122 ice troll king on his way to being able to use the whip.
Nightgunner5 and his whip

This blog

March marked the longest blog post ever on this blog.  It also took the longest to write.  Nightgunner5 should be proud of himself, after writing a 7-page-long blog post.  There were 7 blog posts this month, not counting this one, and 63 media uploads.  There were 16 comments made this month, from 6 different people.  16 plugins are active on this blog.

Plans for next month

Nightgunner5 plans to do the legends’ quest because of the cape.  I plan on giving Nightfawn 5 dollars so she can become a RuneScape member.

Until next month,
Sir Soybean

“Modern Blue” WordPress template planned release for WP 2.5

Sir Soybean and I have been working on making this blog’s theme look pretty. What you may not know yet is in three weeks, you’ll be able to use it with your blog! Unfortunately, the template will require WordPress 2.5, so you’ll have to either wait until it is released or download an unstable copy via the subversion repository. But you can, however, download a copy from the LlamaSlayers subversion repository, or a stable release from our Google code project.

Please, if you find out anything wrong with the template or want us to add new features, let us know.

Of course, since WP2.5 hasn’t been released yet, this blog isn’t running on the new version that you can download at the Google code site.

If you do use this template, please leave in the footer link. It allows other people to get the template and be just as happy as you are with it.


We’re fans of Twitter around here, in fact many Automatticians have accounts, but while the format appealed to us it really just whetted our appetite for something more, like a way for each of us to share short messages about what we’re doing or working on internally, or private messages between groups of folks.

Automattician Matt Mullenweg wrote this in the WordPress.com blog, two days before Joseph Scott announced big updates to Prologue. I’ve been using prologue for a few days now, along with Nightgunner5, and we’ve liked it quite a lot. We have two prologues, one is in a secret place on a private server, and the other can be found at llamaslayers.wordpress.com.


With Prologue, you answer a simple question and the blog figures the rest out for you, you don’t even need to specify a title, all there is is the content of the post itself. Think of it as a group twitter with no character limit.

It has all the features of a normal blog, simply because it is one. You still have all the core features of WordPress. In fact, all Prologue is is a theme. A template.

Since Prologue is directed towards a different audience than twitter—twitter being for people who want the world to know when they’re eating dinner and Prologue being for programmers (in my experience)—Prologue takes the tags you make on post and calls them projects. It even introduces a new widget, the “Recent Projects” widget, which takes your tags and puts them in order of last posted to.

Prologue, like many other wp.com themes, can be found on the Automattic Subversion Server, and has a header image uploader built right into it.

If you want Prologue, you can download it from the subversion server or get a WordPress.com blog and install the Prologue theme.

School evacuation, Latin jokes, and a blog cleanup

Half the lights flicker and then go out. The little flood lights next to the emergency exit lights flash on and then off. Then they come on again and the fire alarm blares.

This happened today at my school, right after Latin, right before Science. Unfortunately, I was one of the few people who didn’t get a chance to grab a jacket. I stood outside, freezing to death, making jokes about the hallways supposedly being quiet. We saw smoke coming from the windows of the YMCA daycare that’s in the same building as our school. I soon found myself bundled in a yellow plastic blanket with “R”.

An unbelievable amount of time later, a city bus pulled up to the other side of the parking lot. We all trudged through the snow to the bus. Can you imagine over one hundred people on a city bus? It was very noisy.

After a long bus ride with too many people in it and lots of bad singing, we arrived at a skating rink warming house. I made up some latin stories there. Here’s one:

Metellae amicus Caecilii canem laudat. Caecilius est iratus. Caecilius Metellae amicum interfecit. Metella Grumionem pulsat. Grumio circumspectat. Grumio clamat, “que f███?” Clemens est obesus. Cerberus latrat.

That roughly translates to:

Metella’s friend praises Caecilius’s dog. Caecilius is angry. Caecilius kills Metella’s friend. Metella punches Grumio. Grumio looks around. Grumio shouts, “WTF?” Clemens is obese. Cerberus (the dog) barks.

Ok, now that I’m done telling you a story, it’s time to talk about what I did to my blog:

  • I backed up my database
  • I deactivated some plugins that I never use
  • I cleaned up my database, deleting the tables that were no longer in use
  • I deleted the pages that have no purpose
  • I fixed a problem with wordpress.com thinking my blog was still at llamaslayers.freehostia.com

Now for some random facts about this blog:

  • The two days with the most activity on my blog for the last two months both ended in six, January 26th and February 6th.
  • There are a total of 330 posts and pages ever created on this blog.
  • The old backup system has been taken out and a new one has been put in. The new one not only backs up my database every week and emails it to me, but also uses the optimize function every twelve hours.
  • 353 comments have been made on this blog, 102 of which were spam.
  • This blog shares a user database with the forums.
  • There are a total of 30 users registered on this blog.

Two new writers, a contest, and LlamaMail

Ok, so there are two new writers on The Daily Llama, BloggerGirl667 and Dance698548.  You can see that "Dance" has already had some activity on the forums, "BloggerGirl" is (so far) nowhere to be found.

Another new thing since the blog moving to the new server is LlamaMail.  It’s an email system, powered by Google.  It can only be used by a selected few, those with staff positions on LlamaSlayers.

You can set up your llamamail in a special configuration that I use by using some simple instructions.

One more thing: The contest.
If you think that you’re an artist or just someone who wants to get their name on the front page of a website for designing it, this is for you.  All you need to do is make a front page design for this site.


I have implemented an avatar system into the blog. Since Automattic has aquired Gravatar, as soon as they have all of their setup done, all the WordPress.com users will have avatars on this blog. If anyone abuses this feature, I will ban them from the blog and delete all of their offending comments.

I’ve implemented this feature using PhotoMatt.net‘s two-lines-of-php method.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want an avatar on this site, go here and create one, my blog will do the rest of the work to get it.

P.S.  I implemented something else that has to do with comments, you get a cookie if you guess it!