Daily Llama 3.0

The all new Daily Llama — it’s more flashy, more semantic, and best of all, more purple!

While I have nothing against my own creation, Modern-Blue just wasn’t my style.  I had been looking into themes that developers could use — so I wouldn’t need to start from scratch — and I settled upon Sandbox.  It has so many CSS classes built in that I hardly had to modify the template at all!  I changed the page.php and single.php templates to link to themselves, footer.php to show the page generation stats (for example, “25 queries in 1.732 seconds”), and the comments.php template to upgrade to threaded comments. Continue reading

We’ve moved!

Since this blog is in a new place, the theme that I had does not work here as well as I would like it to. Even though I am using a slightly different theme, I’m not liking this one particularly either. I’ll just need to see what I need to do.

P.S. Does anyone know the php code to make one of these?

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P.P.S. Does anyone actually read this blog?  If you do, make a comment on this post, please.

Some big changes around here.

First of all, I would like to say that FreeHostia is dumb. But what do you expect from a free web host? If you try out Freewebs, you’ll see that things can be worse.

All webhost stupidity claims aside, I’m going to make as many changes for the better as I can just on this blog.

First of all, I’m going to make the new theme that I was planning on making. Also, I’ll need to see where I can host this blog elsewhere that might be a better host. Okay, I see that I’m drifting back into I-hate-this-webhost land, so I’ll try to pull myself out of it.

The new template will be purple, and it will have rounded corners, but the most important part of it will be that I’m going to publish it under the gpl license. (This means you can tear it apart and I won’t care.)

I know it’s going to be hard to re-program my whole blog, but I’m up for it.

Over and out.

WordPress Comment Moderation Notifier

I found the following on PhotoMatt.net:

The WordPress Comment Moderation Notifier puts a little thing in your Windows mini-icon tray that let’s you know when you have a new comment, much like Outlook or Thunderbird do with email. Cool! Now we just need a Mac version, maybe using Growl?

I’ve installed it on my computer, and I tested it, and it’s working great!  If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you should try it out!

Ok, maybe not an ENTIRE new theme…

So I’m not going to make an entire new theme for my blog… I’ll just make a few tweaks to make the theme I have the best it can be without losing the theme’s feel. One of the first updates I’m doing is banning a certain user agent from my blog because I think they’re trying to DDoS me… I’ve had about 20 404 errors in my 404 log in a row yesterday from the same user agent.

But for now, let’s just hope that I’ve fixed the problem. One of the other things I am going to do to my theme is implement more colors into my comments css.

Old comments looked like this.

The old comments (current comments at the time that I’m writing this) looked like one of the three boxes shown to the right. I’m going to make them so they can be any color of the rainbow, going from pale red to pale orange to pale yellow to pale green to pale blue to pale purple, or if the person who made the comment was a Daily Llama official, it would be a more prominent version of the color. Of course, nobody can use the name of a Daily Llama official unless they are logged in as that user or have access to my database. 😛

If it’s really going well, I’ll even try to make the corners rounded! Do you have any ideas about the theme that I should implement? What css colors should I use for the comment backgrounds?



  1. Made the gradient on the comment boxes stand out more
  2. Made the new colors
  3. Gave up on rounded corners
  4. Random first color

I think I’m done for now…