This was a triumph

I’m making a note here: StuzzD can quite easily handle the load of’s “omg new servur lest go brake stuf” impulse.

The server remained below 30% CPU usage (most of the time, below 7%) and the memory fluctuated between 50MB and 300MB, which is in the range of numbers that I have no idea what normal is.

Below is the complete server log with all IP addresses removed. Because things. Continue reading

Remember that quest where you handed out quests?

Now imagine a quest (or dungeon or whatever) where you play the role of a raid boss. It’d be like a bombing quest, but with strategy. Instead of hurling missiles at unsuspecting groups of NPCs, you’d be using a set of abilities to fight NPCs with AI that directly counters those abilities.

Imagine a 40 man raid with only one player. If players being fought by NPCs is possible (as opposed to NPCs being fought by players) it is also possible to fill empty spaces in a raiding team with NPCs made specifically for that raid.

If you think about it, there aren’t really that many pieces to even the most complex raid strategy: Ragnaros boils down to “don’t stand in these places” and Madness of Deathwing is basically “attack this thing before that other thing.”

bbPress needs YOU!

bbPress is the best forum software by far. It’s open source, based on WordPress, and simple to use.

However, it is dying. Since July, it has received 46 thousand downloads. WordPress has received just under 10 million in almost the same amount of time.

The problem isn’t that bbPress is slow, or buggy, or insecure. bbPress is none of those things. The problem is a catch-22.

If nobody uses bbPress, nobody will spread the word. If nobody spreads the word, nobody will know what they’re missing.

Find bugs, write patches, run it on your server, but most importantly, spread the word.

We can help bbPress pull through this. We can revive the wonderful, simplistic software. All you need to do is tell your friends, or post something like this to your blog.

Forum Netiquette

Forums are like giant online buildings full of people who want do discuss similar topics — you wouldn’t join a forum about cooking and post a topic about how rabbits don’t wear shoes, just like you wouldn’t go to a cooking class and try to start a discussion on the topic — the forum “building” has a main topic, different floors for less broad topics, and individual rooms for specific discussions. New rooms can be made by anyone, and the people can move freely between rooms. But there are police officers (moderators) that help to keep the forum building safe for everyone. They can remove rooms, lock them, move them to different floors, and change what members of the rooms said. To keep the police officers in check, there are sheriffs. The sheriffs (administrators) can remove people from the building and even change the structure of the building. The problem is that there are many more normal people than police officers and sheriffs. Continue reading

A new tradition: LlamaSlayers computer utility day

Starting today, the fifth of every month will be “LlamaSlayers computer utility day”.  Join if you want, basically all you have to do is complete any or all of the tasks from the following list.  After each task listed, there will be notes telling you how to do the task and why the task is important.  Some of these tasks are for Windows computers (I don’t have a Mac or Linux computer so I can’t say anything to do for them, you’ll have to look elsewhere), some for WordPress blogs, and others for general things to do around computers on the fifth of every month.

Of course, you don’t have to do any of these, they’re just suggestions.  And the fifth of every month is just a random date that popped into my head.  You can celebrate your own computer utility day on any day you want. Continue reading

Browser Warz-Part 3: Things just got interesting.

In all of the previous Browser Warz competitions, there were only 4 competitors.  Now, there are 26.  Now, I hope you’re thinking “26 browsers on one computer? This guy must be crazy!”, because I am.

However, unlike the other Browser Warz competitions, the browsers in this competition will be facing other versions of their own kind before going on to face the winners of each individual competition.

There are 4 things that the browsers will be scored on in this leg of the competition:

  • CSS errors (Is the purple header there?  Does the body of the page match up with the header?  Is the footer matching?  Are the horizontal rules hidden?)
  • JavaScript errors (Are there any?  How bad are they?)
  • Speed of the 3 tests (How fast were each of the three tests?  How long did it take 5 repeats of each test to occur?)
  • Total time taken on the tests (How many seconds did it take?)

The 26 browsers are split up into 5 categories:

  • Internet Explorer icon for Browser Warz Internet Explorer (7 browsers, page 2)
  • Firefox icon for Browser Warz Firefox (4 browsers, page 3)
  • Opera icon for Browser Warz Opera (6 browsers, page 4)
  • Netscape icon for Browser Warz Netscape (7 browsers, page 5)
  • “Other” icon for Browser WarzOther (2 browsers, page 6)

This competition, because it is so long, is divided into pages to reduce loading time.

Unban Nmr7… Please?

Sticker made by the creator of Nmr7

Jagex just doesn’t get it. If they ban all of the player mod caliber players and makes all the people they should have banned into player mods, they’re doing something called being dumb. Just plain dumb. You see, there was once a person named Nmr7 on RuneScape. He got banned for saying a joke in clan chat, that nobody would have ever believed if it wasn’t for a certain player mod that couldn’t handle a joke and a certain company that can’t handle themselves.

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