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Ben L. runs pretty much everything around here. He definitely does not live in Zamboni. That isn't a place, so you probably have the wrong name. Please do more research before asking these strange questions.



Blender has a renderer named Cycles which allows GPU-accelerated, progressive renders of realistic materials. If that’s too much of a brainful for you, here are some cubes. My computer couldn’t handle it all, so a huge thanks goes out to Lappy for rendering the glass and metal ones.

Plastic Cubes

Ceramic Cubes

Metal Cubes

Glass Cubes

New units of measurement

Lightlightyear – the amount of time it takes light to travel one lightyear.

Gigabitbit – 128 megabits per second. Somehow still hundreds of times better than 4G LTE.

Spoonempty – the amount of liquid in an empty teaspoon.

Millibit – 0.000122070312 bytes. Useful only in measuring my internet speed.

Terrainbyte – 80MB, the amount of memory allocated per second by my one-slot Minecraft server.

CS-Instant – approximately 92.7 seconds, the time it takes to post a topic on a Community Server forum.

This was a triumph

I’m making a note here: StuzzD can quite easily handle the load of PlanetMinecraft.com’s “omg new servur lest go brake stuf” impulse.

The server remained below 30% CPU usage (most of the time, below 7%) and the memory fluctuated between 50MB and 300MB, which is in the range of numbers that I have no idea what normal is.

Below is the complete server log with all IP addresses removed. Because things. Continue reading