The future of RuneScape’s graphics

On May 8th, Jagex showed us a little image of the future.  This included a note that RuneScape will be available in full screen, with better graphics.  They posted a picture of a place in Varrock now and what it would look like after the update.

Then, on the 16th, 8 days later, they showed us another image of the future, stating that the graphics displayed in the picture would be available within the next few months.

However, they did not show the previous looks of the area in question, AKA the Godwars Dungeon entrance.  Here’s a picture I found on the internet, sorry for low quality, it was the only one I could find.  That is not me in the picture.

I don’t see why they didn’t show a picture of what it looks like now, since it looks much better in the “after” picture.

Today, in a development diary, Jagex showed us a few more pictures of the new RuneScape.  Here are my opinions on each of them.

This terrorbird is a clear improvement on the old graphics.  It’s much bigger, has less visible stray polygon edges, its tail looks like it’s made of feathers and not blue knives, the underbelly looks soft, the feathers look soft, and the beak doesn’t look like it’s a square with pieces cut off.  The only bad thing about it is that it has no pupil in its eye.

The “texture” picture is an image of Falador, near the east bank.  The texture is a bit overdone, but it actually looks like a stone road.  However, the grass does not look right.  Some of the grass looks like green mud and some looks like it’s giant.  The character shown in the picture is a bit too bright and the boots are very squared off.

The “blending” picture looks much better to me than the “texture” one because it is smoother, has less varying textures, and the plants look real.  I like how the plants aren’t perfectly spaced or all the same angle.

This is a picture of the new shadows.  I like how there is fog at the edge of visibility, because it looked really bad when things popped in or out of existence.  The shadows look almost real!

I like how the flags aren’t exactly synchronized, and how the shadows move along with the flags.  I had to double the speed of the animation, because it looked bad the way that Jagex rendered it.

4 thoughts on “The future of RuneScape’s graphics

  1. That grass looks fine to me – quite proportional – but the grass texture is very flat. All in all I really like that screenshot; mainly because of the variety of colours and the contrasting. Then again since they updated it a while back I’ve always liked Fally’s buildings.

  2. But how come they only update the environmental graphics, and NPC graphics? The characters still look pretty much the same.

    There isn’t a real big update but for the most part the Environments look better. It’s a shame… they could be using something better than Java for a Graphics Engine…

    But no they rather struggle trying ot make graphics better in a program that will never be up to par with what is being used on most MMOs now days.

    The entire game is boring… they don’t update content, just graphics… it’s ridiculous.

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