In this guide, you will learn how to play the new RuneScape Minigame called Vinesweeper.  If you’ve ever played Minesweeper, you’ll be pretty good at this new game.

First of all, this minigame’s rewards are all about farming, so don’t go in there expecting a thermal-nuclear missile as a reward.  Second of all, I suggest you bring along at least a spade and 50 coins.  There is a spade lying on the ground in the Falador estate agent’s office.

Second of all, Vinesweeper is easier than Minesweeper, because you can investigate a space and have a chance of knowing exactly what’s there, plus you get to work along with whoever’s there with you.  So without any further ado, the guide:

Go north of East Ardougne, north of Catherby, north-west of Port Phasmatys, or south-east of Falador to start the minigame.  You might want to have something growing in the patch, with your amulet of farming/nature trained on it, since you can go from this miniagame straight to the farming patch very quickly if need be.  (You can buy an amulet of farming with eight charges from any farming store for 200gp.)

A leprechan

Find the tool leprechan and ask him about Winkin’s farm.  The tool leprechan will teleport you to Winkin’s farm, next to a portal to go back, where Farmer Blinkin and Mrs. Winkin are in a house and the farmers and rabbits are outside the fence in the field.

You should read the four signs immediately to your left, they have useful information.  Next, go to Farmer Blinkin and ask to buy flags.  He will give you ten for free.  You can only have ten flags at any given time, flags are used for marking where you think seeds are so the farmers in the field will come and dig them up.  DO NOT DIG UP SEEDS YOURSELF.

Next, ask to buy oogleroots.  You need about 5.  He will give you a refund for the ones you don’t use as well as take the flags for safekeeping when you leave the area.

Now go over a style into the field.  If there are people there digging up everything or placing flags randomly and unsuccessfully, walk around until you find a better place to start.

Now that you’re in the field, you’re ready to start.  Right click some dirt and investigate it.  If you get a message that tells you that there is definitely a seed in the spot you investigated, put a flag in.  If there’s definitely not, dig up the spot with your spade.  If there is not a definite answer, investigate it again.

Nightgunner5 places a flag.

Once you place a flag, a farmer or a rabbit will come.  If it’s a rabbit, click on it and you will feed it one of your oogleroots.  You will gain 30 hunter experience and the shrunken rabbit runs away.

When the farmer comes and digs up the flag, if it’s a seed, everyone actively participating in the area will gain points and you can retrieve your flag from Farmer Blinkin.  If not, you lose the flag.  Everything within three spaces of the flag will be cleared.

If you dig up a seed, you will lose points and everything within three spaces of the dead plant you dug up will be cleared.

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