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I’ve been asked whether FrontPress was being designed for frontends, for example, if it was a template system. The answer is a definite yes: Your template code creates a frontend, but FrontPress turns your code itself into a frontend as well. The code I showed in my last post could be fully understood at a glance. My_Fruit::by_color retrieves fruit based on its color. $apple->save(); stores data about an apple in the database.

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My incredible amount of appreciation for my own system aside, it is possible to make an entire website from FrontPress. The site is pointless, but it shows the power of FrontPress and a few lines of code. The site is live on my home website, and you can download the source code if you want to see how exactly it works.

FrontPress Site - Yellow Apples

Yellow Apples

Breadcrumbs are my favorite part of this demo. The breadcrumb for the yellow apple page is generated completely by FrontPress. The only code inside the route – routes are how FrontPress’s template system chooses which page to display – related to the breadcrumb is frontpress_breadcrumb( $fruit );. My_Fruit implements two interfaces by way of three one line functions. My_Color implements a single interface by way of two one line functions.

FrontPress is still far from its first official release. I plan to add an easy way to build an installer, some example templates, and maybe more before then.

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