Slimy’s Big Adventure

Slimy the slug had always been adventurous. He loved to run around and solve puzzles. Because of this, it was no surprise that when Slimy got a call from someone named “Mr. Puzzle”, Slimy wanted to meet him more than anything else in the world.

When Slimy was called again by the mysterious Mr. Puzzle, they decided to meet in an empty lot on the less wealthy side of town. Slimy didn’t expect anything bad to happen, being the happy-go-lucky adventurer he was, so he walked over to the spot immediately, and waited until three days later, the date they had decided was best.

Mr. Puzzle drove up in his van while Slimy was sleeping. The van had the word candy written on it in green crayon. When Slimy awoke, Mr. Puzzle was there, watching him. The mysterious puzzle man handed Slimy a trophy and told him to bring it to him.

Slimy wondered what the crazy man meant. He was standing right in front of Slimy, and had just given a trophy he wanted to keep to Slimy, then asked for it back.

Slimy was about to ask for clarification when Mr. Puzzle threw a smoke bomb at the ground, turned up his van’s radio, and drove away at an extremely dangerous high speed.

When the smoke cleared, Slimy went in the direction he thought the man had went. Instead of finding the low-cost housing he had passed a few days before, he found a giant 4×3 grid that looked like it was made of Legos.

Slimy decided that the Legos must have been part of the adventure, so he zigzagged through them. For some reason, he could still hear Mr. Puzzle’s van’s radio loud and clear. It was as if he was being watched by Mr. Puzzle, who had somehow forgotten that he was playing loud, horrible music with way too much bass.

Slimy reached the end of the grid and was immediately met with another obstacle. There were three platforms surrounded by thick curtains which Slimy could not push out of the way. Slimy closed his eyes and spun around. When he opened his eyes, he was facing the grid. Angrily, he turned around, closed his eyes, and spun again. This time, he was facing one of the platforms when his eyes opened. He walked onto it, and suddenly, everything became blurry. The curtains turned pink, then blue, and then pink with blue polka dots.

Slimy blinked, and his surroundings magically changed. He was still holding the trophy, but the grid of Legos, the platforms, and the curtains had disappeared. Instead, he was standing on top of a very tall, very thin mountain with a balance beam leading to another tall, thin mountain. It was also night time for some reason.

Slimy carefully lowered himself onto the balance beam with his eyeballs. He started to shimmy across.

“Don’t look down,” he thought to himself. “Wait, why not?”

Slimy looked down and immediately threw up. He was a million feet up, and a pit of lava was the only thing below him. In his nausea, he had forgotten about the trophy, but he quickly remembered, and grabbed it just before it was beyond his reach.When Slimy reached the other side and began to lift himself up onto the other mountain by his eyeballs, his surroundings became blurry again.

“I have got to stop eating so many cupcakes,” said Slimy. “Their sugary goodness makes me dizzy.”

He froze in mid-climb, hoping that the blurriness would go away soon. Then, suddenly, Slimy wasn’t suspended on a balance beam a million feet above a pit of lava, trying to climb up onto a tall, thin mountain using only his eyeballs. Instead, he was standing in front of four of the Lego bricks from earlier in this story that were missing their bumpy parts.

Because he was bored out of his mind, and the author of this story had run out of ideas, Slimy turned 540 degrees to his left and walked away.

On his way home, he found Mr. Puzzle, who had a puzzled look on his face.

“How the heck did you find me?” the puzzled puzzle man said.

Slimy tried to give Mr. Puzzle his worthless plastic trophy back, but Mr. Puzzle told him to keep it.

“It’s worthless and made of plastic, and I have hundreds of them in my truck.” said the man. “Why don’t you do a silly dance and then get out of here?”

So, with a big grin on his face, Slimy the slug put the worthless plastic trophy in his pocket and did his favorite silly dance. Then, some aliens abducted him and wrote an award-winning children’s picture book about his adventure. The crazy man with the van that played bad music too loudly was arrested, and they all lived happily ever after.

Except for Mr. Puzzle.

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